5 Spring/Summer 2021 Home Decor Trends

Homes have become our most favorite spot where we spent most of our time. Let’s check out latest 5 Spring/Summer 2021 Home Decor Trends which you can incorporate to make it prettier and trendier.

    Monochromatic color schemes can give a room a trendy, energized look. Monochrome doesn’t mean black and white, just focus on a single color family. Picking a monochromatic color palette means committing to a single color, Use these monochromatic color schemes as inspiration for creating a single-hued space that feels personalized and don’t forget to complete the look by adding Craft hues Cushion covers.

    craft hues monochrome home


    Calming colors in earthy shades that take us back to nature. This warm, natural tone is the perfect base to add chalky colors and add some botanical to bring nature inside. Earthy colors when used with proper combinations, are said to give us the courage to embrace change. It’s the perfect shade for any room in the house and makes this bedroom feel like the perfect sanctuary from the world. Check out our beautiful digital printed cushion covers inspired by nature which will go perfectly with earthy tones or pastels.

    Craft hues Earthy Home


    Breaking away from calming earthy tones and totally opposite to monochromes, find unconventional ways to add color and make your space more joyful. A white base room is perfect to add pop of colors like a yellow chair or teal blue table or just a Wall décor and Cushion covers.  This theme is our favorite: We at Craft hues love colors. These fun, unexpected colors fill up your home with quirk and good vibes.

    Craft hues colourful home


    Pantone colors are industry standard color codes that stand for a specific shade, and this year the colors are ‘Illuminating’ yellow and ‘Ultimate Grey’. It’s a great combination of a soft grey neutral with a punchy bright yellow. Try changing your kitchen with these colors or just a corner of living room, it’s a perfect combination for those who are bored of simple white or beige.

    Color of the year 2021


    We have been at home so much since the past year that we are constantly trying to experiment with the look and feel of every corner to make it new and exciting. Being at home so much makes us look around at what we have and see it in a different light, creating displays and moving things around for a better look. There is something soothing about choosing favorite pieces and arranging them isn’t it?                                                            Check out our range of Wall Art to add some colorful vibes to your home.

    Craft hues Wall Art

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