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Craft hues- Fashion & Home Accessories in India

Why not make our lives colorful and Beautiful? : Buy Fashion & Home Accessories in India and spread colors around.



Nature has given us so many colors to use then why carry boring things around? That is what came in our mind when we thought of putting or design knowledge into use. We love everything handmade, the errors, the splitter-splatters, and the fact that it turns out to be something unique. Being a Textile and Fashion Graduates from NIFT, we love fabrics and thought of why not develop beautiful printed fabrics. With this initial idea in mind, Craft hues came into existence. Our aim is to make an Online Gift shop from where people can buy Fashion & Home Accessories in India at an affordable price range.


Textile and Fashion is a vast subject. Developing fabric involves weaving, printing, embroidery, etc. So, our step was to choose a Niche we were best in and Bam, the Artist woke up and we thought what better than making prints using water-color. It’s amazing how a drop of color mixes in water and gives something surreal. Our paintings are inspired by nature, Indian Art, World Art, and things we see in daily life. When our artwork comes into life by digital printing, we get that expression of WOW, and that is the reaction we work for. Our every day is a fun day when we are working on our prints and frankly this is one hobby turned profession that kept us sane in this lockdown period.

“Painting is therapeutic, just grab a brush and paint anything which comes to your mind and experience the calm feeling you get”



water colour floral
Watercolor floral




 “We Love Nature and Everything about it”






Gond art of India
Gond Art of India



 “We Love everything about Art”








It’s easy to get a fabric developed but what to make out of it? We had an idea! Beautiful stoles and bags. We did our share of market research and figured out that all print-based brands were taking inspiration from Kitschy Indian Art, there was a gap for people who wanted something artistic and colorful but also stylish and not so kitschy at the same time. Our Next step was to develop prints inspired by nature, made a range of beautiful stoles and bags. We displayed them in an exhibition in Ahmedabad. The overwhelming response and positive reviews gave us energy and inspiration to develop more products. ur aim was to reach out to all art lovers. From then to now we made products like stoles, shrugs, cushion covers, bags, jewelry, mugs, mousepads, umbrellas, and now wish to add more verticals. Buy Fashion & Home Accessories in India from Crafthues.



Crafthues Fashion and Home Decor


People love designer brands across the world but often forget to appreciate the beauty and work of homegrown brands. India is full of amazing arts and crafts which can make us the Art capital of the world. With this pandemic and our focus on Be Vocal with Local, we wish to reach out to people and tell them about Indian Arts. By purchasing our products, you would support a small Indian brand but also promoting Indian Art and Sustainable Fashion.

For promoting sustainability, we make sure to use Vegan Leather which gives the feel of natural leather but does no harm to animals. Digital printing is sustainable as it uses a very low amount of water, hence producing no dye waste. We use a leftover piece of fabric and paper produced in our Factory to make something beautiful and minimize waste. We believe that together, we can make our home, our life a more beautiful and happy place.


craft hues Home Decor Brand


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