“A bag is Women’s best friend”. Isn’t that true? No matter where you go, a stylish bag is a must! Online Handbags Shopping in India is seeing a shift from regular handbags to sling bags.  A sling bag is an unstructured fabric shoulder bag that can either be worn parallel to your body or across it. One end of the strap is attached to one end of the bag and the other to the other end. These stylish sling bags online in India can be purchased from amazon.in and flipkart.com and if you are interested in a style statement piece and Quirkier bag, go for www.craftues.co.in. The website has beautiful Digital printed and hand-painted Sling bags for Women available in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles each of which serves a certain purpose. 

2020 is the year of bags. With a lot of designers experimenting with colors, prints, and patterns, there are a plethora of different bags available for Women Online. If you’re unsure about what to get, check out this list we curated of the types of sling bags, and Buy Women sling bag Online


If you’re going to buy sling bags online, then take a look at this list we created of the Best Stylish sling bags Online India before you make your purchase.



  • The Classic Sling Bag-


These bags are often used as daypacks, especially if you tire of lugging around your usually large and heavy purse. Usually, a little bigger than a wallet, this bag will include interior pockets to store things like your phone, wallet and more. Buy Women Sling Bag Online from amazon.in, myntra.com, flipkart.com and crafthues.co.in













  • The Designer Printed Bag-


The only difference between the classic sling bag and a designer printed sling bag is that this one is more appropriate for a casual night out or a special occasion. They are available in different print, shapes and sometimes can take a long time to make since some of them are custom pieces. They are a perfect style statement for you to flaunt. Buy stylish sling bags Online India from www.crafthues.co.in. Explore beautiful Indian Art inspired prints.



















  • Wallet Cross body Bag-


A wallet cross body bag is the perfect sling bag for a casual day out. It’s the same as a classic sling bag, but the only difference is, it’s a small bag with a chain or leather strap attached to it. Often used to store just your cell phone and basic wallet essentials like your cash and cards, this wallet cross body bag works perfectly well for a casual outing. Craft hues are bringing in the range of Canvas Sling Bags soon. Stay Tuned!











  • Sling Backpacks Shoulder Sling Bags-


As the name suggests, mono shoulder sling bags are backpacks with one strap that can be worn across the body. These backpacks usually have a zipper on the single strap allowing the person to use it as a regular backpack, but that’s about the only difference between the two. These work extremely well as an everyday carry but can also double as a carry on for all of your travel adventures. 











  • Bucket Sling Bag-


Online Handbags shopping in India has seen a lot of shifts lately. From Bucket Tote Bags, designers are now exploring bucket sling bags as Women of today are always on the go. 








Craft hues have come up with different bucket-shaped sling bags in Quirky Prints. Buy these stylish sling bags Online and flaunt it wherever you go and #haveahappyhue.

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