Top Purse Designs That Twirl The Market

Whether it’s the plethora of beautiful designer bags that the Women flaunt or the ones that adore the Online shops of India, if your eyes get glossy at the sight of Ladies Purse Designs, then you must make sure that you have all of these Handbags in your wardrobe. Here’s our choice of bags that are both glamorous and essential.


  • Clutch-


They go easy on your shoulders and arms and come in shapes and sizes that are just right for all the essentials you may need. A brunch, an evening out or a traditional affair, clutches are a perfect way to look like you’re carrying nothing, while ensuring that you’ve got all the things you can’t do without, with you. Classic blacks, beige as well as bright funky prints- you can’t have enough of these. Check out Online shop for bags and make your next purchase of a quirky clutch. 



















  • Backpack-


If you’re going for a casual look, an afternoon out with your friends, or even a road trip where you need more than just a few essentials in, then a backpack is your best bet. From the safe sports’ brands options to the fun printed ones, with backpacks, you can choose to dress up or down. Buy latest Ladies Handbags from and stay tuned for coming collection of quirky backpacks.











  • Bucket Bag-


Handbags for Women is seeing a constant change and experimentation in terms of shapes and sizes. An invention that is a perfect blend of the qualities of a clutch, a tote and a jhola – bucket bags are moderately structured and just a little out of shape. These medium-sized ladies purse designs are fashionable, but not very glamorous – perfect for dates. Try ones with tassel drawstrings, shiny finishes, bright shades and pastels. A classic black is a must have. Experiment with printed Bucket Bags designed by Crafthues.




















  • Cross Body- 


Perfect options for a family outing, picnic, or even office, your cross body will compliment your outfit at any time. Cross body bags rest on your shoulder and go across your body, leaving your hands free and giving you a break from the bigger options on days that you would rather not be distracted by a large bag. They can easily be packed into a suitcase during travels as well. Check out the Indian art inspired printed ladies bags with price on


















  • Tote bag-


They are probably the most multi-functional bags ever. Totes can make you look stylish even as you grocery hunt. Go for over-sized bags when you want to carry your world with you. Having a classic black and brown Tote is a must. Make everyone’s head turn around with Craft hues Printed Tote Bags for Women inspired by Indian arts and crafts. Buy latest Handbags for Women from and #haveahappyhue



















  • Jholas- 


They double up as beach bags, college bags and casual bags. Popular for being a DIY option, these bags are easy to stuff into a travel bag and compliment most indo-western outfits as well. T-shirt jholas are the latest fad in fashion circles and a must have as well. Add some of your own creativity by adding tassels and fringes.






7. Duffle Bag- 

Duffle bags are Quirky and stylish ladies purse design inspired by gym bags.  They are light-weighted, durable, easy to clean, and most importantly, have compartments for sweaty post-workout clothes and socks. If boring old sports brand options aren’t your thing, then find one with a cute spin on the traditional options (maybe a one-liner on the bag) and brighter colors. Color-blocked, breathable mesh, nylon and classic sport duffel’s are some options that you can explore.










So, Ladies, we have covered all the essential Ladies Pure Designs. Make sure to have all these styles when you set out for your bags shopping next and keep following Craft hues for beautiful and Quirky Handbags for women.


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